The best way to experience a place is with a local. That’s why Betsy Spivak’s been making Italian friends since 2014. Today, Spivak creates off-the-beaten-path trips to Italy with Italian chef Gregorio Fierro.
— Edible Magazine Philly

My husband Rob and I thoroughly enjoyed our adventure to magical Puglia! Betsy and Rita put together a fabulous itinerary. From breathtaking sites to wonderful cooking lessons, it was a once in a lifetime experience!
— Connie Jones Manley


We had always wanted to visit Puglia, one of the lesser-known regions in Italy. We really didn’t know much about it. Since we prefer to not have to drive in Italy, we needed to be with a group that could provide transportation as well as some knowledge about Puglia. We wanted to learn about and experience the local cuisine, the wines, the olives. We found everything we wanted in one of the Travel With a Local’s tours.

We were a group of six, a perfect size. Spending time together cooking, eating, drinking, laughing…lots of laughing, and exploring the area made us become friends with each other and with our hosts. It was more than just a vacation, it was truly an experience to cherish and share forever.
— Carol & Gary Agia

It’s impossible to describe every feeling you have on a trip with “Travel With a Local”.

Venturing through the streets of Napoli and finding the secrets it holds with Gregorio is not like any other trip you will ever experience. Italy truly is a Feeling, and when you are with someone who knows the treasures it holds, you feel every emotion they have: Past, Present and the ones that you will make during your time together.

Hospitality of Locals, seeing the best of the best, the hidden gems of the City, Secret Recipes and, of course, eating the most delicious meals that can bring tears to your eyes: These are all experiences that no tourist could ever experience unless they are with someone like Betsy, Gregorio or a “local” like Mario.

Betsy goes above and beyond to make sure each guest has the best accommodations to suit them, everyone is content & seeing, eating & experiencing what’s most important to individuals and the group.

Don’t be a tourist - Travel With a Local!
— Casimira Villico