Pizza Tour for Culinary Professionals 

Led by Chef Gregorio Fierro, who will share some of his favorite places and experiences from this incredible region, the ancient and incredibly beautiful Campania region will become yours to experience fully and intimately, though the eyes of the people you encounter.

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Dates for Upcoming Tours:

June 4 - 13, 2020

Tour Itinerary & Photos

Day 1

  • Pizza tour of some of the traditional STG Neapolitan Pizza restaurants

  • Walking tour of Naples Historic Center

  • Pizza Portafoglio in Historic Center

Day 2

  • Visit to Traditional Buffalo mozzarella manufacturers

  • Lunch at Caseficio

  • Visit to friggitoria and The Vomero district

  • Nighttime tour of seaside Naples

Day 3

  • Visit to San Marzano and sampling of tomato products

  • Pizza making presentation and class

  • Flour discussion and presentation

  • Visit to Amalfi coast and tour of traditional colatura maker

Day 4

  • Visit and sampling of non-traditional pizza restaurants

  • Visit to Caserta and the Royal Palace

  • Presentation by master pizzaioli

Day 5

  • Closing breakfast

  • Visit to traditional pastry shop

  • Return to train station

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