Ciao! My name is Betsy Spivak

Ciao! My name is Betsy Spivak and Welcome to our very first blog post of Travel With a Local!

 The first thing you must know is that I LOVE ITALY!

I always share with people when I meet them and tell them what I do.

I organize small group tours to Southern Italy!

I choose locations that are lesser known, off the beaten path and places that you can only go if you have friends who will take you there.

Our trips are in the regions of Puglia, parts of Basilicata and Campania.
(We will add new regions and experiences as time goes on)

 Why did I start Travel with a Local?
A little back-story.

 Some year’s back I went to Italy and that first trip and the experiences I had completely blew my mind!

That first trip to Italy changed the course of my life.

Maybe it was fate or perfect timing, but this happened at a period in my life when I really needed something that brought me joy.

Something that I could dive into that was different than anything I had every done, with people I had never met and experiences that I never had.

When I returned home after this trip there were 3 things that happened:

#1: I couldn’t stop thinking about my experience and was telling everyone about it who would listen.

#2 Trying to figure out when is the soonest I can go back.

#3: Is there some kind of opportunity of a business that could require me to go back to Italy as much as possible?


And so the adventure began and I dove in headfirst!

 The first thing that I started to do was study the Italian language. I wanted to immerse myself as much as possible into this new love!

In August of 2014, I started to study Italian at the America Italy Society in Philadelphia

I still study there and I love it!

I have met many friends (who I never would have met otherwise), traveled to Italy with some of them, studied Italian in Todi, which is a hill town in the region of Umbria and had many past amazing experiences and continue to have them now.

I could go on and on, but that’s what this blog is for.

I can’t wait to share more with you and we will have guest posts, hyper links, photos and websites of people and things we love.


A presto!